As the days go by our to-do lists become fuller, other priorities quickly seem to take priority over quality family time.  So what can you do when you only 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there? The answer is A LOT!

At Read Learn Love, we partner with full-time busy mums to provide the knowledge and tools to get the best quality with their kids.

Reading to your kids for 10 minutes a day, gives you the ability to increase your child’s self-confidence, improve their academic and professional success, boost their imagination, and build critical thinking skills, mindfulness, and empathy. But more importantly, you create heart-warming childhood memories, encourage family bonding, and strengthen their feeling of importance when you dedicate your time to being with them.

Did I mention it reduces your stress, anxiety, and mum guilt? Kid’s books are key.

Hand-picked Catalogue

With over 500,000 children’s books available, the amount of choice is overwhelming. We want to be your go-to kid’s bookstore so our catalogue contains the best books we can find without overwhelming you.

We have Australian kid’s books and aboriginal books. You can find anxiety books for kids, books on difficult topics, kids books on friendship, and educational books for kids. Keep them active with a large selection of drawing books for kids, colouring books for kids, activity books for kids, puzzle books for kids, kids interactive books, sticker books for kids, and so much more!

We’ve set up our categories to reflect our top four Core Reading Benefits: Imagination, Self-Esteem, Emotional Resilience, and Brain Development (for big and little brains). You will also find award-winning books, Australian authors, and indie authors.

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