Reading Aloud

Reading aloud is truly magic

It’s the biggest return on investment you can ever make on your kids and their future. Can you believe there are 30, if not more, benefits for kids and parents from reading aloud?

“Reading aloud is more important than worksheets, homework, book reports, and flash cards. One of the cheapest, simplest, and oldest tools of teaching was being promoted as a better tool than anything else in the home or classroom.” ~ Jim Trelease


7. Critical and analytical thinking skills

8. Builds vocabulary for kids of all ages

9. Stronger memory skills

10. Accelerated language development

11. Enhances brain development

12. Strengthens listening comprehension

13. Amplifies communication skills

14. Fosters positive social interaction

15. Develops reference knowledge and word recognition

16. Creates heart-warming memories

17. Teaches and strengthens listening skills

18. Ignites a passion for lifelong reading habits

19. Increases professional success

20. Increases cognitive development

21. Provides expressive language skills

22. Builds a positive attitude towards learning as an adult

23. Provides a safe space for exploring complex emotions

Don’t forget about you! Reading aloud as amazing
benefits for the readers too

24. Decreases stress and anxiety

25. Support a solid parent-child relationship

26. Strengthens family bonds and fond memories

27. You learn more about your kid’s personality

28. Strengthens their feeling of importance when you dedicate your time to being with them

29. Gives your household common interest to increase conversation and communication

30. Improves feelings of competence in parenting