Reading aloud is truly magic

It’s your parenting superpower. It is scientifically proven to be the single most effective thing parents can do to help prepare their children to succeed in school and in the future.

You should aim to read as often as possible until your kids move out. No, really. I’m serious. Most parents don’t realise the miraculous superpowers of reading aloud. They don’t realise how effective it is on their teenagers!

Christine reading aloud to her sons and the family dog.
Christine reads aloud to her sons and the family dog

In 15 minutes a day, you gain the ability to increase your child’s self-esteem, improve their academic and professional success, boost their imagination, and build critical thinking skills, mindfulness, and empathy. Providing them with a safe space to explore their emotions, learn positive social interactions, and gain insight into difficult life lessons, all while improving their listening skills, comprehension, and focus.

Christine Fernandez


  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Builds vocabulary for kids of all ages
  • Stronger memory skills
  • Accelerated language development
  • Enhances brain development
  • Strengthens listening comprehension
  • Amplifies communication skills
  • Fosters positive social interaction
  • Develops reference knowledge and word recognition
  • Increased academic success
  • Creates heart-warming memories
  • Teach and strengthen listening skills
  • Ignites a passion for lifelong reading habits
  • Increases professional success
  • Increases cognitive development
  • Provides expressive language skills
  • Builds a positive attitude towards learning as an adult
  • Provides a safe space for exploring complex emotions
  • Strengthening focus

Don’t forget about you! Reading aloud has amazing
benefits for the readers too

  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Support a solid parent-child relationship
  • Strengthens family bonds and fond memories
  • You learn more about your kid’s personality
  • Strengthens their feeling of importance when you dedicate your time to being with them
  • Gives your household common interest to increase conversation and communication
  • Helps reduce mum’s guilt. You just boosted 23 different areas of your kid through reading a book. Can you think of any other activity that can do that much?