Childcare Book Fair FAQs

We are extraordinarily passionate about the magic of reading aloud and bringing this information to as many as possible. This means getting to parents at ground level, which is where you come into the equation.

One of our goals is getting books to parents in the most convenient way possible while enriching them with the knowledge and tools of reading aloud to create successful, emotionally resilient whole human beings who can not only learn but also feel safe and empowered through nurtured knowledge, self-discovery and self-expression books bring. And reward you in return.

Our Childcare book fair programs are a win-win for everyone!

What we offer

We provide you with the resources to build anticipation to make the event as successful as possible, including:

  • Free “A guide to choosing the right book for your kid
  • Pre-made emails or social/app posts with a communication calendar:
    • Pre-book fair invitation email
    • First-day email
    • Mid-week inspiration email
    • The final day reminder email
  • eBook of free activity ideas to celebrate books
  • Zoom book reading for each room (maximum of 3)

Book recommendation pages on our website to help keep parents from getting overwhelmed by choice.

You will receive 10% of each order in free books PLUS a 10% discount on any books ordered for the Centre.

There is no contract or no minimum term. You can hold as many or as few book fairs as you’d like.

We offer discounted holiday bulk book purchases to Centres that have participated in our book fairs during that year.

Monthly book subscription for your parents and delivered to your Centre.

How it works

With our plug-n-play program, this is entirely up to you, you can choose as many or as few of our resources to make your book fair personalised to your Centre.

Minimum requirements would be to invite the parents to your book fair, hand out the book orders to your families, and create a book wish list so completing your Centre order will be quick and easy.

The initial invitation will include a Centre specific code parents will need to use on their orders to ensure they receive free shipping and that their order is associated with your Centre.

A typical book fair would run Monday to Sunday for parents to order. On the next business day after the completion of the fair, we will notify you of the total dollar amount you will be receiving in free books. As soon as your order is finalised, we will place the order with our distributors. Book orders will be received within 10 – 15 days of finalising the Centre’s book order.

Each order will be packaged and clearly labelled with the family’s name ready for distribution.

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