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It’s Purposeful. It’s Easy. It’s Quality Time.

Our build-your-own monthly subscription box is curate a purposeful package to be delivered straight to your front door with the easiest top quality time you can have with your kids.

Kids books and reading aloud. Which is also one of the best parenting hacks! Reading every day maximises the benefits of reading aloud to help you with raising successful, emotionally resilient adults who love to learn, feel safe and empowered to have the brightest possible future.

Our PLUS box comes with effortless self-care for you.  

When you become a mum, almost 100% of your big decisions revolve around your kids. You want the best for them; the best opportunities, the best life experiences, the best memories, the best future. The best chance to become the best person they can be. Successful, emotionally resilient adults who love learning and strive to push their limits. Who feel safe and empowered within themselves to conquer the rollercoaster of life, pick themselves up, and come out stronger on the other side through self-discovery and empathy.

With this comes a lot of pressure and stress to be our best ourselves. But seriously, who has time for that? Between work, groceries, cooking, laundry, soccer practice, homework, school projects and life in general, you might be stuck wondering if you can achieve all your parenting goals with only 24 hours in the day and limiting your coffee intake.

I want you to know that you can. Top notch quality time with your kids. I promise it’s far easier and less time consuming than you think. It doesn’t involve commuting between soccer, art class, and tutoring.

We make it even easier by picking the books for you and delivering it in our subscription box.


What do you get monthly subscription?

  • 1 – 4 age-appropriate kid’s books – depending on your subscription level.
  • Parent’s guide including In-depth information on the month’s core benefit or theme for the main book and why this specific book was selected
  • QR Code to hands-on activities to help you use your books to their full potential
  • Questions ‘Experience’ – the main theme book with have three envelopes inside with questions to ask before, during, and after
  • Access to a private podcast with mum life experts giving advice on making mum life easier (parenting, organising, decluttering, routine hacks, distressing, balancing life, etc)
  • Organic and premium grade teas to enhance your health and positivity – the natural way! From an Australian family business run by a mum
  • Hand poured Artisan soap, lip balm, and moisturising lotion bars by an Australian family business run by a mum

How do I pick the books?

1st priority: Purposeful content. Educational and/or benefit of the month. Sometimes just for fun is a great purpose!
2nd priority: Australian Authors. I’m big on supporting locals.
3rd priority: New releases. I aim to give you books you don’t already have. But if you do, it’s the perfect gift for the next birthday party your kids are invited to!
4th priority: Highly regarded and/or award-winning

10 Real-life Reading Aloud Benefits for raising successful,
emotionally resilient adults

  • Self-esteem/Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Imagination
  • Confidence
  • Mindfulness
  • Growth Mindset
  • Friendships
  • Kindness
  • Social Awareness
  • Empathy

Build-Your-Own Subscription Box

Each age range will come with different options of kids books to choose from. You can mix and match what types of books you like and you can change these types at any time.

Non-fiction picture books on educational topics. Ranging from early learning concepts such as words, colours, shapes to science, space, and the world around us.

Activities include drawing, colouring, painting, hidden objects, papercrafts, and more

New release pictures books. Highly illustrated books (typically colour throughout) for children in which the content (either fiction or non-fiction) is conveyed through the use of words and pictures in combination or through pictures alone. A ‘picture book’ differs from a ‘book with illustrations’, in that the pictures it contains are at least as important as the text (if any) and form an essential component of the book.

If it makes noisy, there is probably a book about it. Novelty books with sounds from animals to tractors.

Novelty books with lift-the-flaps, touch-and-feel, finger trails, and more. Great to help develop fine motor skills.

Ages 0 – 2: Picture books, Curious Minds (learning books), Interactive books, and Noisy Books
Ages 2 – 3: Picture books, Curious Minds, Interactive books, and Activity books
Ages 3 – 5: Picture books, Curious Minds, Interactive books, and Activity books
Ages 5 – 7: Picture books, Curious Minds, Activity books, My Body, and Life Skills
Ages 7 – 11: Curious Minds, Activity books, My Body, Life Skills, and Family Read Alouds
Ages 11 – 13 & 13+: My body & Mental Health and Family Read Alouds

What does it cost?

$50-$55 AUD per month for 1 book**. $20 for each additional book (no parent’s guide) for up to 4 books. Plus $8.95 shipping – Launching in August 2022.

*RRP of books will range from $12.99 to $24.99
**Ages 0 – 2 years and 2 – 3 years boxes will not come with a parent’s guide or questions due to their age. However, the average RRP of these books is higher and/or more books will be included.

Teenager reading a book

Even older kids and parents would benefit from this subscription!! It’s great for their comprehension and vocabulary to have conversations about the books. A parents guide for older kids would include a list of vocabulary which you can check with your kids to see if actually know the words they are reading and comprehension questions to discuss. Answers for the parents will be provided!

Reading aloud is one of the most important things adults can do with children. In addition to building many important foundational skills, reading aloud provides a safe place to explore emotions, discuss difficult topics, build empathy, and increase self-esteem.
Reading aloud 3 to 5 days per week, compared to two or less, advances your child’s reading skills by 6 months compared to their peers.

Family reading aloud

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  • Subscription Box for ages 11 - 13

    Sub Box – 1 Book

    From: $50.00 / month

     1 – 4 age-appropriate kid’s books Parent’s guide including In-depth information on the month’s core benefit or theme for the main book and why this specific book was selected Questions to ask before, during, and after the book inside “secret” envelopes to get your kids excited to know what’s inside and get involved. Access to…

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