Our Story

The “We” behind Read Learn Love are Christine and Ben, a husband-and-wife team, with two little munchkins. Nowadays you would never guess we didn’t want kids when we got married over a decade ago! Reading books to our firstborn really opened our eyes to the amazing benefits of sharing language, knowledge, and imagination with him at a very early age. A daily ritual we plan to continue with our boys well into their young adult life.

I am so excited and honoured to be able to share with you my passion for the importance of reading aloud.

When I talk about the incredible benefits of reading to your children. I just light up. This is my jam. Or my realness. Or whatever the cool new word is. This is my “why”.

Have a listen to my first podcast episode where introduce you to… well me. And how I got the idea for Read Learn Love. I’m a gen X mother of 2. I’m American born but was lucky enough to marry an Aussie (who I met through an online computer game!) and made Australia my home in 2007.

Our Mission

Reading aloud is your parenting SUPERPOWER and we want every mum to know its true power. It is scientifically proven to be the single most important activity you can do with your kids.

Each time you read aloud you are increasing your kid’s ability to FOCUS, improve academic SUCCESS, positively impact their MENTAL HEALTH, increase their IMAGINATION, and build a positive attitude towards learning as adults, and so much more. ENLIGHTEN you to the fact that reading aloud to your kids is the BIGGEST return on investment you can ever make for them and their future. INSPIRE you to read to your kids from newborn until at least their late teens. Show you how to build your kid’s EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE through books. All while decreasing your stress and making you feel like a more ACCOMPLISHED parent.

Our mission is to equip you with the KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to get the most out of your superpower.

Core Values

Our core values in life and business are FAMILY and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I truly believe that the biggest difference we can make in our lives and for our future is by creating future generations of emotionally intelligent adults with a desire for learning, a passion for creating community, and empathy for others.

When you become a parent, almost 100% of your big decisions revolve around your kids. You want the best for them; the best opportunities, the best life experiences, the best memories, the best future. The best chance to become the best person they can be. Successful, emotionally resilient adults who love learning and strive to push their limits. Who feel safe and empowered within themselves to conquer the rollercoaster of life, pick themselves up, and come out stronger on the other side through self-discovery and empathy.

With this comes a lot of pressure and stress to be our best ourselves. But seriously, who has time for that? Between work, groceries, cooking, laundry, soccer practice, homework, school projects and life in general, you might be stuck wondering if you can achieve all your parenting goals with only 24 hours in the day and limiting your coffee intake.

I want you to know that you can. I promise it’s far easier and less time consuming than you think. It doesn’t involve commuting between soccer, art class, and tutoring. It doesn’t come in a 10-week package or a sign-up fee.

It’s your parenting superpower. It is scientifically proven to be the single most effective thing parents can do to help prepare their children to succeed in school and in the future. It’s reading aloud, for 10 minutes a day until your kids move out. No, really. I’m serious. Most parents don’t realise the miraculous superpowers of reading aloud. They don’t realise how effective it is on their teenagers!

If 15 minutes a day, you gain the ability to increase your child’s self-esteem, improve their academic and professional success, boost their imagination, and build critical thinking skills, mindfulness, and empathy. Providing them with a safe space to explore their emotions, learn positive social interactions, and gain insight into difficult life lessons, all while improving their listening skills, comprehension, and focus.

Did I mention it reduces your stress, anxiety, and mum guilt?

I bet you never realised just how powerful you are.

“You may have tangible wealth untold: Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I, you can never be — I had a mother who read to me.”

Strickland Gillilan