You might be wondering who reading aloud is for? Spoiler Alert! It’s everyone. In the book, The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurdon, she says “The experience of reading aloud bathes children of all ages in torrents of words, images, and syntactical rhythms that they might not get anywhere else. 

Welcome to episode #2. Here we go! Throughout this podcast I’m going to refer to lots of different books and references, but there are three main books from which I draw most of the information and inspiration from, those books are:

  • Jim Trelease’s Read Aloud Handbook, originally published in 1979 with the 8th edition published in 2019
  • The Enchanted Hour, Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction by Meghan Cox Gurdon published in 2020
  • And Reading Magic, Why Reading Aloud to Our children will change their lives forever by Australia’s own Mem Fox.

Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud and Why Reading Aloud to our children will change their lives forever. Sit and marinate in that for a second. Those are two incredible profoundly empowering statements on the topic of this podcast.

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