• Reading pathways are not hardwired into our brains like speech therefore we must provide information to the brain to create these pathways
  •  There are four pathways or networks used for reading; 
    • language
    • vision
    • executive function
    • attention network
  • These 4 networks must be developed individually, then the brain must connect these networks together to create the functional reading network
  • The first network is the the language network is the first to be developed and contains 4 sections; 
    • listening
    • speaking
    • reading
    • writing
  • Think of each of these sections like a bucket, once it’s full of enough information, it will start to overflow into the next bucket. Listening overflows into speaking bucket, then reading, then writing
  • The words spoken in front of a child form their listening network, so it’s important to remember they are already listening to our interaction with them as well as others. And these words are creating the foundation for their future learning and behaviour.
  • It’s incredibly important to continue to read aloud to children at a level higher than their own reading level, even after they can read themselves, so you can continue to build their vocabulary network with more complex words not typically heard in everyday conversation or social media.

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